Beautiful, soft and elegant...Feathers add flare to anything!


Prewitt's Plumages offers a wide variety of hand-crafted feathered fashion accessories: Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Barrettes/Bows, Bands to wear on a hat or for Roaring 20's (including baby head bands!), Clips to wear in your hair or hang on your purse or walking stick, Pins for your pirate hat, and Fans to cool you! Even Fly Fishing Lures.


If there's a special item not listed that you would like made, tell me about it! I love to hear new ideas. All items are hand-crafted by me personally. I take great pride and care in each item I make.


Custom Creations also available at no additional charge! Decide on an item, pick your feathers, choose your colors...Make it your own! Choose the items, feathers and add-ons you desire! If you want one of my stock items in another color, message me with the item name and color you would like.

***Ask about special Package Pricing for Wedding or other large affair!***


And, YES, these ARE ALL REAL FEATHERS! Most are collected after molting, some are the by-product of the meat industry, including turkey and pheasant. Because they are natural, the length and width and color absorption will vary. I take time to hand select feathers for the best effect for your Feathered Accessory.